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The island

  • Mexico
  • Holbox
  • 55.948 km2
  • UTC/GMT -5:00 hours
  • Pesos (mxn)
  • Spanish
  • 1,198
  • Sea views and beach access make this a dream spot to spend a week or 2. Good photo opportunities for bird lovers from the beach and hotel. I just admired from afar. Accommodation is on 2 levels and big hut design, but think luxury rather than beach hut style.

    Jessica Brown
  • It was great to be here, the location and facilities were great. The staff very helpfull we stay here for two nights and We are definitely going back.

    Lisa Kimberly
  • We spent 3 lovely days in Holbox at Villas HM. The sights are amazing and the location is great. We enjoyed every minute of our stay and I do recommend to get an ocean view suite as spending sometime on the deck and the hammock is really a treat.


General Information About Holbox

Discover Holbox … a small island in the Mexican Caribbean north of Quintana Roo surrounded by unspoiled beaches with a relaxing and welcoming essence is considered one of the best destinations of the republic. Its exquisite food, relaxed atmosphere and natural beauty are visual delight for visitors to the region. Deserted islands, visits to the whale sharks and swimming in cenotes are just some of the activities to be done on the island. Holbox is an island in part isolated from the rest of the populations and a land of tranquility where you can experience the beauty of nature with a slight touch of human warmth by the local inhabitants.

Things to do in Holbox

Holbox has countless recreational activities. As those that can be:

Holbox Culture and History



Some people began the  colonization of  Yucatan northern peninsula between 1880 and 1920 , in order to enlarge the agricultural and forest border of Yucatan ; therefore, the beginning of the century there were stablished small towns near Holbox as Solferino , Yalahau Chiquilá , San Angel and El Ideal , villages located on the road from Cancun to Chiquila where ferries depart to Holbox.


The  villages were  located along the coast in the early 20th century , but began to suffer the process of growth and occupation .In the year 1960 the importance of Holbox didn´t grow so much and its population was only 500 people. Following the growth of Cancun during the 80s, Holbox was becoming known as a tourist destination and rest, but it was not until the early 90's when they began to build smaller hotels and more people came to populate the Island .

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